Your bright idea could make life better for all – and win you £100

More room under residents’ sinks, a new approach to staff induction and a tea bag-themed card, designed to capture shared moments – three ideas being progressed by our newly-formed innovation group.

It involves representatives from across the business coming together to evaluate suggestions from team members on how to make life better for residents, families and colleagues.

The group, meeting quarterly, is offering £100 to anyone sending through an idea that is taken up. The aim is to nurture a culture of innovation across all our activities.

At the first meeting in April, participants agreed to take forward the following suggestions:

  • Clear more space under sinks in residents’ bathrooms so that wheelchairs and commodes can be moved closer in. This will help some of our residents to undertake more of their own personal care.
  • Produce a short ‘walk around’ film introducing Colten House and the managers and staff based there. Invite all new recruits to visit the building and watch the film as part of their induction.
  • Create a tea bag-themed card to encourage staff to have a cup of tea with a resident. The shared moments can then be captured in writing with the card, put in a papier mache teapot in the home and used as a prompt for conversation in times to come.

If you have an idea you’d like to suggest to the group, please send it to Sam Newman at or

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