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Our nine-strong Plant and Transport team supports our 20 homes from a 16,000 sq-metre warehouse on the Ampress industrial park in Lymington. As well as driving the minibuses that enable residents to enjoy days out, the team sources and supplies all kinds of items for homes from specialist nursing beds to even the Linden House grand piano.

Manager John Carter has recently been closely involved with our move to a new Ringwood head office hub. That has involved supplying the temporary site office, canteen facilities and many construction tools required during the build.

We asked John to reveal a little more about himself.

John Carter

John Carter

Name: John Carter

Age: 66

Job title and brief description of role: Plant and Transport Manager. I have a wide range of responsibilities including being involved from the initial concept of a new home, such as looking at suitable accommodation for the builders, right the way though to supplying plant and materials for the construction work, and finally delivering catering equipment for the opening ceremony.

Career history

I left school with few qualifications and went to work in the family garage business. As I was basically unemployable anywhere else, I ended up running the business until my father died, when it was sold. I then went into plant and transport as a fitter and worked my way up to manager, running several large repair centres before joining the Colten group in 2007.

Interests… freemasonry, classic cars, fly-fishing

Q: Who was your first childhood hero?
A: John Wayne. Even when he played a baddy he always did the right thing and ended up with the girl
Q: What would be your ideal holiday?
A: Working on a dude ranch in Montana playing at being a cowboy
Q: What are you superstitious about?
A: The number 13. I once sold a car because the number plate added up to 13
Q: Who would you most like to be trapped in a lift with?
A: Carroll Shelby. He was the greatest motor engineer of the 20th century and knew many famous racing drivers. The tales he could tell!
Q: Who do you most admire?
A: Anyone who works hard to better themselves
Q: What car do you drive?
A: Jeep Grand Cherokee
Q: What makes you angry?
A: Bullies. They are the lowest of the low
Q: What is your favourite smell?
A: Chanel No 5
Q: Cats or dogs?
A: Both
Q: What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
A: Tell the dog to get off the bed
Q: What is your earliest memory?
A: Trying to eat a banana with the skin on. Nobody told me you had to peel it first
Q: Which TV/radio programme do you try never to miss?
A: None
Q: What is the best thing about your role?
A: The diversity. You never know what’s coming next
Q: And what is the worst?
A: Getting up at 6am.
Q: What would be your desert island luxury?
A: My dog Peppe. He’s a good friend and never argues with me
Q: What do you wish you were good at?
A: Playing a musical instrument
Q: What has been the crowning moment in your life to date?
A: Delivering my youngest daughter. That separates the men from the boys
Q: What is your favourite meal?
A: Roast chicken with all the trimmings
Q: What would be your dream job?
A: Running a company that restored classic cars
Q: If you could bring something extinct back to life what would it be?
A: The words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’. Their demise was some time in the last century

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