Well on the way with Wellington Grange


Our first care home in Sussex is to be named Wellington Grange.

The 72-bedroom nursing and residential home in Chichester, our biggest to date, was originally to be called Lavant Hall but locals told us that was too similar to the name of a nearby community hall.

We invited people in the area to put forward other suggestions and ‘Wellington’ proved a popular choice. The location is bordered by Wellington Road and we felt ‘Grange’, a name traditionally associated with country houses, added an appropriate tone.

When the home opens in 2016, it will provide a much needed community facility to support the Chichester region’s increasing elderly population. It will create around 100 jobs, including roles for nurses, carers and ancillary staff.

Building work on the site has been continuing ahead of a scheduled completion later in 2015.

Wellington Grange roof work

Wellington Grange roof work

A whole host of trades have been employed during the spring and early summer including roofing, plastering, plumbing and brickwork. On average, the site has seen 35 construction workers each day. The biggest number in a single day so far has been 56.

According to Steve Pinder, Site Manager, the building comprises 64km of electric cables. If they were stretched out in a straight line that is enough cable to extend from Chichester all the way to our New Milton home, Kingfishers.

Among other construction statistics, Wellington Grange will comprise 10.5km of pipes, 85,000 bricks and just under 70,000 concrete blocks.

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