Wartime recipes re-imagined for the modern lockdown era

Jonathan Oldfield of spudWorks

Residents at Linden House in Lymington rekindled personal memories of life during wartime to contribute ideas for a forthcoming community cookbook.

It followed a request for handwritten recipe suggestions to interest younger people and families stuck for culinary inspiration during lockdown.

An initiative of the Sway-based arts charity spudWorks, the book aims to connect generations by sharing thoughts about what it is like to cook in times of uncertainty.

One of the Linden recipes is for chicken soup with dumplings, known as kreplach, a favourite in Jewish households around the world.

Another is for a ‘wartime Christmas fruit cake’, complete with cold strained tea, a slug of brandy or rum, and warmed black treacle.

Jonathan Oldfield, the book’s creator, said: “We want to pass on recipe ideas from older people in the community that may be taken up by the younger generations, for example families with young children, during this strange and socially distanced time. We hope the book will become a culinary ‘time capsule’ of Sway and the New Forest during the pandemic.”

The book, entitled ‘Using Dried Eggs: The Lockdown Cookbook’ is set to go on display to the community at spudWorks.

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