Videos highlight children’s memories … and explain what Joan is up to

Joan's BMW ride
Joan enjoys her spin in the BMW convertible with Sarah and Antonio.

We’ve posted two online videos for you to enjoy. One is of children discussing their memories of primary school on a visit to Linden House. The pupils, from William Gilpin School in Lymington, showed off ‘memory boxes’ they had decorated and filled with drawings, photos, toys, ticket stubs and other items associated with school plays, trips and holidays. There were smiles all round as they talked face-to-face with residents and explained the significance of their personal collections.

Our other video is of 92-year-old Joan Reese experiencing a wish come true. Joan, who lives at The Aldbury in Poole, always said she wanted to ‘feel the wind in her hair’. Activity organiser Sarah Ingram passed the request to her boyfriend, Antonio Wellman, a sales executive with Ridgeway Bournemouth BMW. His bosses allowed him to arrive at the home in a £30,000 BMW 2 series convertible. With Antonio at the wheel, Joan was given a ten minute spin, accompanied by Sarah. Joan’s verdict: “Fantastic!”

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