Such a positive experience

Barney Baxendale
Barney Baxendale

Our new Head of Marketing Barney Baxendale is settling in having joined us from King Edward VII’s Hospital in Marylebone, London.

Founded as a charity in 1899 to treat wounded officers returning from the Second Boer War, this independent private hospital has treated  members of the Royal family and is a renowned centre of excellence in orthopaedics and other medical disciplines.

Asked about his role at Colten Care, Barney says it’s about quality and consistency, ‘joining the dots’ of the various elements of marketing, including communications, advertising, digital and PR, making sure everything is aligned to the same vision. “The aim is to maintain interest and drive high-quality enquiries to our homes,” he explains. “I want to support occupancy at each home individually and improve our overall digital presence, showcasing the amazing care we provide.”

Barney says: “It has been such a positive experience joining Colten. I felt totally at home within a couple of weeks. I’m leading a strong team who really know the industry and the company well.”

In his first few weeks with us, Barney did a road trip to visit as many of our homes as possible. “I’ve been so impressed by the attention to detail and the quality on offer at each home. They all have their own characters, but it’s clear they also have Colten blood running through their veins.”

Born and bred in London, Barney now lives in Poole with his wife Catherine and sons Monty, four, and Oscar, two. “We moved out of London to Poole the day before the first lockdown,” says the proud dad. “It was the best decision ever, a big lifestyle change. We love the space.”

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