Subbuteo scores on FATHER’S DAY

The iconic tabletop football game Subbuteo ignited the imagination – and competitiveness – of residents at Amberwood House in Ferndown as residents and their family members formed their own teams for a Father’s Day Subbuteo match.

The home’s lounge was set up with two large tables to serve as pitches, surrounded by comfy chairs for supporters.

Companion team member Corinne Wareham explained: “The green baize was carefully laid out, then the supporters began to arrive, taking their places in the chairs around the pitch ready for the teams to make their entrance.

“Going head-to-head was our resident Jim Smith – apparently a ‘good all-rounder’ – with new boy to the game Colin Smith – who together were Useless United.

“Their opponents were resident Denis Allen and his son John with resident Len Fowler – The Raging Rovers.”

Residents Colin Smith (left) and Jim Smith.

Residents Colin Smith (left) and Jim Smith.

Resident Jim Smith said: “It wasn’t as easy as I remember, flicking those little players around the table. But I really enjoyed it and it was good to beat The Raging Rovers!”

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