Staff survey points way ahead for smarter working

HR Director Andrew Arkinstall

Feedback from our latest staff survey is helping us understand how well we are doing to deliver our promise and values.

We polled the thoughts of Home Managers, Clinical Leads, Operations Team and Colten House staff on subjects such as culture, communications and customer focus.

We’re pleased to report that the overwhelming majority of respondents said they would recommend us as the care provider of choice.

Asked to rate from 1 to 10 how happy they are to work for Colten, the average score came out at 8, with many people saying they ‘took real pride’ in working here.

Among the points for development, we will continue our investment in software systems for smarter working and to reduce our reliance on paper-based processes.

Andrew Arkinstall, Director of Human Resources, said: “As a start, we have listened to what Home Managers and Clinical Leads have been saying about work demands, creating a third Operations Manager position and new Senior Nurse and Customer Advisor roles to help support them.

“We are also investing in an HR system to streamline our staff appointment, induction and development processes to assist both managers and their admin teams.”

We will carry out our next residents’ and relatives’ survey later this year.

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