Request show prompts musical memories

Request show shares musical memories between residents and their families

Families of residents shared the gift of music with their loved ones through a personalised ‘request show’.

More than 100 relatives responded to an invite to send in radio-style listeners’ dedications, an idea put forward by Fiona Pritchard, our Music & Arts Partner.

After gathering the requests, Fiona arranged one-to-one time with each resident so she could play their particular song or piece of music on an iPad and read out the personal message from their family.

From Bing Crosby to the Bee Gees, Chopin to Chattanooga Choo Choo, the requests included classical nocturnes, jazz standards, pop hits and rock and roll favourites.

Fiona said: “Our roving request show provided each resident with a most marvellous journey down memory lane. The moments when they heard me read out the dedication, saying why the music held special meaning for the family, and then hearing it played just for them, were just magical.

THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC: Residents react to the dedications sent in to the ‘request show’ by their families.

“It was a joy to see residents smiling, joining in with songs, tapping their feet in time, and reflecting on what the music means to them. Music has a positive effect on our well-being. It stimulates our emotions and motivation, and because it’s non-verbal, it’s accessible to everyone.”

Ena Potter, who lives at Bourne View in Poole, enjoyed a request for Rod Stewart’s hit ‘Sailing’, sent in by her daughter Liz. “It was lovely,” said Ena. “We used to love to hear that song when we were going down to Cornwall on holiday. We would all sing away to it. I think even the dog knew it!”

Elsewhere, Pete Jordan requested ‘When the Saints Go Marching In’ for his mother Marigold, who lives at Linden House in Lymington. Watching her response on a video clip, Pete said: “It’s absolutely wonderful. My mum’s face is a picture of happiness.”

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videocameraA short film of the request show is on our YouTube channel

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