New Manager Clare aims to keep home full and happy

Clare Robbins
Clare Robbins

The call to offer her the role of Home Manager of Canford Chase came at an unexpected moment for Clare Robbins.

“I was watching the British Bake Off final at home and I picked up the phone to Elaine Farrer, not really expecting to hear her voice. When she offered me the job I think I gushed: ‘Really? Really?’ I was – and still am – absolutely thrilled.”

Clare has climbed the ladder in the true sense of the word, starting as a domiciliary carer when her four children were small and steadily gaining skills and more responsibility over the last 25 years.

She said: “My family were astounded when I first said I wanted to be a carer.  But my first job was caring for a lady in her own home and on the first day, when I left her, she grasped my hand and said: ‘Thank you for looking after me Clare, I hope I see you again.’ I knew then that I wanted to look after people.”

After excelling in a variety of supervisory and then junior management positions, Clare accepted her first home manager role eight years ago.

She said: “Before coming to Colten I was aware it had a great reputation for excellent care and also for having a genuine family feel – and it’s true. It’s nice to have the company HQ so close by.”

Her first impressions of Canford Chase were of a warm welcome and a feeling of ‘home’.

She said: “From the moment I walked through the door I knew it was what I would call a ‘proper’ home, with a real focus on life and living. The team here is great, incredibly close and supportive of each other. My aims as home manager will simply be to keep the home full and happy.”

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