Manager Bee’s ‘optimal role’

Bee Crisp

Bee Crisp believes her appointment as Operations Managers gives her the chance to apply a wealth of skills built up during her career so far.

With experience in the care sector, ambulance services and international business development, she has much to draw on.

Outside of care, Bee worked in sales and marketing for an aviation software engineer supplying flight control and flight desk instrument systems. She also spent time with a company that sold network management software into ‘blue chip’ clients in the financial markets. That role involved extensive travel, looking after partners as far afield as Mexico, Argentina, Australia and Israel.

Although successful in the IT field, Bee has always felt she really belongs in the care sector. After a year’s training she worked as a paramedic in the ambulance service. “I loved the immediacy and the chance to making a positive difference in the middle of a crisis or trauma,” she says.

Other care sector roles include being a director of community relations for an accommodation provider for older people and a regional manager of a care home provider. For four years she was a care home manager.

Bee, who has a son, daughter and two-year-old grandson, joins us as one of two Operations Managers, the other being Linda Brownlie.

Both Bee and Linda are responsible for overseeing our Home Managers in their day-to-day running of the homes, ensuring high standards of care and business practice.

Bee says: “I love being out and about and meeting people. The role brings together a great deal of what has shaped me in my career including hands-on support, coaching and mentoring. Care is where my heart is and this is the optimal role for me. I feel very lucky to be with Colten Care.”

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