Making wishes come true

We make residents feel special through regular, personal ‘My Time ‘sessions, where we do our best to make residents’ wishes happen for them – like racing fan Ken’s trip to Thruxton.

We strongly believe that living in a care home shouldn’t be a barrier to enjoying the things you are passionate about.

As well as offering companionship and a structured programme of activities, we make residents feel special through regular, personal ‘My Time’ sessions.

With My Time, an individual resident tells us about something they enjoy or want to see and we do our best to make it happen for them.

Often this involves speaking with third-party organisations to make use of their facilities.

Sometimes it’s purely for the individual, on other occasions, family or fellow residents are invited to join in too.

My Time has led to some amazing ‘wish come true’ experiences recently. Here we share just a small selection.

Racing fans are on track to meet their need for speed!

Behind the scenes (left to right): Graham, Max and Ken take a look at some of the vehicles taking part, like this Williams F1 car.

Racing fans Max, Ken and Graham, who live at St Catherines View in Winchester, relived their passion for speed with a VIP visit to the Thruxton Motorsport Centre.

In addition to watching the racing, the trip included a look around some of the classic and modern vehicles taking part, a picnic and beer right next to the track, and a chat with Thruxton engineers and crew.

Ken said afterwards: “It’s been a very good day for us folks to have the opportunity to see these cars.”

Companionship Team Leader Codey Hickman, who accompanied the trio, said: “As soon as those cars started whizzing around the circuit the gents were mesmerised. The sights, smells and sounds were exhilarating.

“It really was a fabulous experience and clearly reignited their past passions for fast cars and racing.”

Watch the video

videocameraWe made a film of the day which was screened back at St Catherines View for all residents to enjoy. You can watch it on our YouTube channel –


Derek is reunited with his hero father’s WW1 medals

Derek Parsons, 98, a resident at Castle View, visits the medals he donated to the Royal Signals Museum in Blandford.

Derek Parsons realised his dearest wish – to be reunited with his war hero father’s medals.

A resident at Castle View in Poundbury, he asked to be taken to see the WW1 medals which he inherited and donated to the Royal Signals Museum in Blandford more than 13 years ago.

Among them is the Distinguished Service Order which his father received for ‘Valuable services rendered in connection with Military Operations in France and Flanders’. Colten Companion Emma Foxley arranged the visit.

Derek said: “When I told Emma that I would like to see the medals again, I didn’t think I actually would. But she got straight on the case.

“It was wonderful to hold the medals in my hand again. They looked as well kept as they were when I gave them to the museum and it made me very proud to see them displayed along with all the others.”

Derek swoops in on Seagulls!

Derek Pullen at his favourite football club – Brighton & Hove Albion, nicknamed the Seagulls.

Wellington Grange resident Derek Pullen travelled from Chichester along the Sussex coast to enjoy a full stadium tour of his favourite football club – Brighton & Hove Albion.

The tour included the West Stand, Directors’ Lounge, trophy room and changing rooms.  He even got to walk out on to the pitch to the sound of ‘Sussex by the Sea’, just as the players do on match days.

Derek said: “It’s been absolutely fantastic. Simply amazing. I didn’t expect to see so much. It’s been a truly wonderful experience.”

Residents go full throttle for classic motorcycles

Ann Hedges (centre) took a special interest in the bikes as her father was a test driver for the prestigious Norton motorcycle company.

Residents at Linden House in Lymington hosted a group of bikers and their 35 classic motorcycles.

Care Lead Wendy Peoples, a keen motorcyclist, invited the Knights of Antioch Motorcycle Ministry and Tattoo Skullery to come along and show off their ‘mean machines’.

Resident Ann Hedges took a special interest in the visit, as her father was a test driver for Norton motorcycles.

The bikers also took the time to visit resident Derek Peel in his room. He used to own a motorcycle that had previously belonged to TE Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia.

Donia O’Connor, Companionship Team Member, said: “The personal visit made Derek’s day. It was so funny to see our fascinated residents chatting away with all those burly bikers. But they got on like a house on fire.”

During their visit, the bikers passed a helmet around among themselves and collected £370, which they asked us to donate to Dementia

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