Katie taps into Woodpeckers’ rhythm

Katie Whiteside
Katie Whiteside

“It’s a blessing not a pressure,” Katie Whiteside says of her new home’s Outstanding rating from the CQC.

The former NHS manager took over the reins at Woodpeckers in Brockenhurst just as the regulator’s latest inspection report was published.

“I realised I was coming into a triple Outstanding home, the first Colten home to be Outstanding across three separate lines of enquiry,” she says. “That’s a fantastic achievement, something that deserves to be maintained and improved and that’s what I aim to do. I will be working hard to strengthen our focus on high-quality care so we don’t let the side down at the time of the next inspection.”

Katie’s 18 years of nursing at Bournemouth Hospital saw her move from respiratory medicine to join the older people’s medical directorate management team, supporting seven wards to provide specialist elderly care. Her particular responsibility was managing discharge services across the Trust. “I worked with many social services contacts who recommended Colten Care as an organisation embodying openness and transparency.  It was very much advocated by NHS and social services colleagues.”

Katie began her Colten career as our Clinical Lead at Amberwood House in Ferndown. She became acting Home Manager in August 2017 before her promotion to the permanent role at Woodpeckers.

“Everyone is very supportive and you can see around you that colleagues’ morale is very high,” she says.

Katie grew up in Wimborne but now lives in Westbourne with her boyfriend and dog.

Away from work she enjoys sport, having recently taken up-long boarding, and is a keen drummer. “I used to play in bands and taught drumming to beginners to pay my way through university. My favourite style is samba. Drumming is a great way to get your frustrations out at home.”

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