Grandad gets to toast the bride despite lockdown

FELICITATIONS: Resident Graham Burley joins granddaughter Alex and her new husband Phillip for a glass of bubbly at Court Lodge.

A pair of newlyweds made a cross-country dash from Somerset to Court Lodge in Lymington so the bride’s grandfather could share in their joy despite lockdown.

Covid restrictions meant Graham Burley wasn’t able to attend the marriage ceremony itself.

To make up for it, granddaughter Alex decided to bring a flavour of the celebrations direct to him.

Donning her white wedding dress once again, Alex travelled with groom Phillip Pearce to see Graham for what was an emotional visit all round.

Taking advantage of our safe-visiting policy, the visitors were able to see and talk to Graham through a Perspex screen in the home’s entrance.

Graham said: “It was emotional and I did shed a few tears. It meant so much to me to get to see Alex in the beautiful white wedding dress she wore on her special day.”

Alex said: “We really wanted him to feel included in our wedding so we dressed up and, thanks to Court Lodge, were able to have champagne and cake with him. It was incredibly special to visit him.”

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