Fairness in fees

Our Chief Executive has reiterated our approach to fairness in how fees are charged, after a parliamentary report highlighted fragility and unfairness in the care market nationally.

Mark Aitchison said he agreed with the MPs’ call for a more sustainable funding solution to meet the country’s care needs, given that many care providers were shown to be regularly ‘topping up’ local authority fees with payments from people who fund their own care.

But he said Colten Care did not operate any such subsidisation policy as it was unfair to those who had planned for and saved towards their care costs in later life.

Mark said: “We fundamentally disagree with the principle of residents funding other residents’ care needs. At Colten Care, you can be totally confident that all of your fees are charged in respect of your own individual care.”

To read the report, visit tinyurl.com/mpeabve

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