Doodles prove oodles of fun

Braemar doodle
ARTWORK: Jackie Cash, Head of Care and right Alison Bremner, Home Manager from Braemar Lodge is presented with the framed version of its doodle along with an art therapy book.

Some creative artists say starting work on a blank canvas can be terrifying, but there was no such fear for participants in our doodle competition.

Devised as a fun contest, we invited residents, team members and visitors at all our home receptions to pen a doodle on a large-format piece of paper.

The range of scribbles was amazing with ideas full of humour, imagination and artistry.

Judges declared Braemar Lodge’s entry the winner with Avon Cliff and Woodpeckers runners-up.

Tim Wookey, Marketing Director, said: “We thought the competition would be a fun way to amuse people in our reception lounges. We provided the pens and paper and invited everyone to ‘get creative’. All homes took part and people obviously had a great deal of fun. The standard of entries was very high and in the end we felt Braemar Lodge had the brightest and most vibrant original content. Their page was full of energy and as an overall composition we felt it worked really well.”

Winners’ prizes were a set of art therapy books to use in the home with their page of doodles framed and captioned for display in reception.

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