Community kindness rocks

Brook View Home Manager Helen Holden (centre) with one of the decorated stones. Joining her and the Ringwood Rock Choir are residents (l-r) Betty Trip, Betty Deer and Peggy Adams

Creative residents at two of our Dorset homes have been taking their artistic skills out to the community.

At arts and craft sessions, dubbed ‘crafternoons’, participants at Brook View in West Moors and Whitecliffe House in Blandford have been painting and decorating stones and pebbles.

Reflecting a rapidly growing nationwide trend, these are deliberately left in nooks and crannies around public spaces for people and families to find.
The colourful rocks carry messages of community kindness and the homes’ contact details, with the finder invited to visit and claim a prize.

Brook View Home Manager Helen Holden said: “Families and children are enjoying the chance to go out in the fresh air and look for painted rocks in their communities up and down the country.

Little lad Henry, who lives not far from Brook View, with a stone he found and brought back to the home with his mum.

“There are lots of Facebook groups being set up inviting people to post photos of themselves and their ‘finds’ online, often with them keeping the rock and replacing it with one of their own.

“For us, this is a fantastic way to get creative and build a bit more community spirit.”

The Brook View initiative coincided with a visit by, appropriately enough, the Ringwood Rock Choir.

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