Communicating kindness

Cleo Jackson
​Cleo Jackson, Quality Manager

We do everything we can to help our residents live with dignity and liberty.

That extends to situations where someone is no longer able to make informed choices about how to keep themselves safe. People on a dementia journey, for example, may reach a point where those caring for them have to make judgements on their behalf. A suggestion by one of our residents’ families has prompted us to review and improve how we communicate about this most sensitive subject.   

“Statutory guidance applies on what are formally known as ‘deprivation of liberty safeguards’, or DoLS,” explained Cleo Jackson, Colten Care Quality Manager. “These are relevant where a person who lacks mental capacity has to have decisions made for them. DoLS can apply to a very wide spectrum of situations to help maintain safety.

“The suggestion we received came from a daughter who was asked to sign a DoLS form after her mother had been living with us for four years. The daughter told us that while she personally was happy because she knew the care home and understood the documentation was all about keeping her mother safe, she thought others might find the terminology distressing.

“We are very grateful to this lady for sharing her thoughts and we are already acting on them. We are mandating our team members to talk earlier and more fully with families so that as and when a DoLS stage arrives, it is demystified and doesn’t come as a surprise.”

On our website, we’ve posted more details about our new approach. Please visit We’ve also produced a new leaflet about it which you can pick up at any of our homes.  

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