Caring without plastic campaign gains momentum

Environmentally friendly ideas put forward by residents and team members have prompted us to set a target figure for our Caring Without Plastic campaign.

A staggering 1,161, 124 plastic items can be avoided each year by choosing to use more sustainable materials – and that is what we aim to achieve.

Among our many initiatives, we are recycling plastic ink cartridges in an arrangement with our supplier that will see donations go to the Marine Conservation Trust. We are also using a new ‘magic water’ dispenser that will avoid the use of plastic bottles of cleaning liquid.

In addition, we are replacing plastic straws, cups, aprons, flower pots, laundry gloves and many other items with plastic-free alternatives.

Project lead Tim Wookey said: “The response to our plans for a group-wide reduction of single-use plastic has been brilliant. What our residents want for the planet is the same as everyone else: a safe, sustainable and healthy living environment that our children, grandchildren and future generations can enjoy.  As a responsible and responsive organisation devoted to care, we are determined to do our bit to make a difference.”


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