Alan’s new command

Alan Icely-Brown has joined us as Home Manager at The Aldbury in Poole, following considerable experience in general and mental health nursing.

After becoming a senior nurse manager in the NHS, Alan served in the army for 18 years with nurse postings in Germany and in the Middle East during the Gulf War.

He rose to be an Acting Lieutenant-Colonel working in Baghdad alongside British and American army medics.

Alan retired from the army in 2006 and since then has worked in a variety of nursing management roles including at care homes large and small. He was most recently an interim care director for a charity.

Alan, who is from Durham and now lives in Gillingham, Dorset, said: “I want to make The Aldbury the home of choice for residents, relatives and professionals. That takes hard work by everybody and ensuring we have our infrastructure correct. I’m looking to bolster the team with more Senior Care Leads, another senior nurse and a care co-ordinator.

“Hopefully we can reach an Outstanding grade from the CQC, but what I want us to achieve even more is that we feel outstanding. It would be lovely to have that plaudit from the regulator but it’s the feeling of being outstanding every day that I want to cultivate.

“The Aldbury has a great bunch of staff who are really keen to make progress and move forward together.”

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