​Read a lovely poem in praise of our nurses by Lorraine Bell, Home Manager at Linden House.

To every Nurse far and wide, in every city and nation Today we raise our glasses, to join the celebrations

We celebrate the decision, you made to become a Nurse Your commitment to the journey, studies in which you immersed

Four years later elation for graduation, you’ve achieved your Nursing Pin Parties and celebrations done, now it’s time to dive right in

Into a world where you give your all, long days and nights you work Dedication to your patients, never time to shirk

Alongside your hard working lives, There’s regular revalidation Keeping up to date with the changes, you have our adulation

New Students come your way, you support them and help them grow Giving your time so generously, your knowledge to them you bestow

Patients and families at saddest times, hang onto your every word Words that you choose so carefully, to help them through the dark

These people will remember you, for the kindness they were shown The lovely Nurse who helped them, when they felt so alone

Thank you Nurses for all you do, you have our appreciation Know that you are valued, in every city in every nation

Lorraine Bell Home Manager at Linden House

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