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This girl is not ‘lion’ around when it comes to organising training sessions

Our Learning  & Development team aims to create a learning environment that helps colleagues across all our homes to thrive within their jobs, do what they need to do at work and develop themselves personally. Here we catch up with team member Hayley Sylvester.

Name: Hayley Sylvester

Age: 30

Job title and brief description of role: Learning & Development Business Partner.  My role involves travelling to different homes across the business to deliver various training courses.  My passion is dementia care and I am fortunate enough to have been involved in the roll-out of the new Dementia Awareness training for our dementia communities.  The course is an opportunity for staff to further enhance their skills within dementia care and focuses on supporting residents to live well with dementia, as well as celebrating our successes as a provider of choice.

Career history: After graduating with a degree in History and Social Science I had an adventurous ‘year away’, teaching English in South Korea. Three years later I finally returned home and after a short stint working for a recruitment agency, I began my career in care homes with a focus on recruitment. I was initially quite nervous  when interacting with residents, but over time I found myself spending more time with residents and  far less on recruitment.

I worked as Deputy Manager for a corporate provider before joining Colten Care as a Care Co-ordinator in October 2015 and joined the L&D team in July 2017.

Interests: Exploring abandoned buildings, playing trampoline dodgeball and visiting countries that don’t officially exist.

Hayley Sylvester

Hayley Sylvester

Q: Who was your first childhood hero?
A: I’m not 100% sure, but I remember being overwhelmed when I met Sooty.
Q: What would be your ideal holiday?
A: Backpacking round all the ‘Stans.
Q: What are you superstitious about?
A: Apparently it’s bad luck to step on three drain covers in a row. I’m always really careful about this when running.
Q: Who would you most like to be trapped in a lift with?
A: Being trapped in a lift with anyone would be a real challenge for me, but at a push I’d go for JK Rowling.
Q: Who do you most admire?
A: I can’t think of anyone in particular. I would say that the two main traits I admire are honesty and integrity.
Q: What car do you drive?
A: A Fiat 500
Q: What makes you angry?
A: People dropping litter. Especially cigarette butts out of car windows.
Q: What is your favourite smell?
A: I love the smell of grass after it has rained.
Q: Cats or dogs?
A: Dogs. Cats are too aloof and don’t impress easily.
Q: What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
A: Reset my alarm ??
Q: What is your earliest memory?
A: Climbing out of bed, sitting at the top of the stairs and trying to listen in to my parent’s conversations.
Q: Which TV/radio programme do you try never to miss?
A: I spend a lot of time driving and like to listen to PM on Radio 4. Lately, I’ve become obsessed with podcasts and listen to Casefile (True Crime podcast).
Q: What is the best thing about your role?
A: Getting to visit all our different homes and meeting lots of people.
Q: …And what is the worst?
A: Getting stuck in traffic!
Q: What would be your desert island luxury?
A: Chocolate. Although I would also need a fridge to stop it from melting.
Q: What do you wish you were good at?
A: I’m co-ordinationally challenged, so it would be great not to walk into things!
Q: What is your favourite meal?
A: I adore Korean food especially BBQ.
Q: What would be your dream job?
A: Astronaut.
Q: If you could bring something extinct back to life what would it be?
A: Not strictly extinct, but I’d really like to see the Spice Girls back together.

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