20 Questions

Richard Upshall

Our Customer Advisors play an important role representing and strengthening our homes’ presence in the communities we serve. As well as managing enquiries, they ensure the admission process runs as smoothly as possible for the resident and their family.

Name: Richard Upshall

Age: 23

Job title and brief description of role:

Customer Advisor, Wellington grange. Commissioning new home for 72 residents in Chichester.

Career history: Started with Colten Care in 2011 as a Waiter when newstone House in Sturminster newton first opened. Became Activities Organiser and later guest Services Co-ordinator. This led to me applying for the new role of Customer Advisor at Wellington Grange. During my time at newstone, I also joined the local fire brigade as an oncall fire fighter, a vocation I thoroughly enjoyed. Unfortunately I was unable to transfer this role with me to Chichester. However I do now enjoy undisturbed sleep!

Q:Who was your first childhood hero?
A:Fireman Sam
Q:What would be your ideal holiday?
A:Having recently returned from 4 weeks travelling in New Zealand I feel that would be hard to beat.
Q:What are you superstitious about?
A:Nothing, I don’t believe in nonsense
Q:Who would you most like to be trapped in a lift with?
A:Rose Leslie, the actress from Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey
Q:Who do you most admire?
A:I admire individual traits or deeds rather than a person, as everyone has their flaws
Q:What car do you drive?
A:Black and red Ford Fiesta
Q:What makes you angry?
Q:What is your favourite smell?
A:Any form of cooking or baking
Q:Cats or dogs?
Q:What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?
A:Jump in the shower, or I’ll never wake up properly
Q:What is your earliest memory?
A:Losing my favourite Action Man in a stream in the New Forest, a memory that still saddens me to this day
Q:Which TV/radio programme do you try never to miss?
A:Game of Thrones
Q:What is the best thing about your role?
A:The opportunity to help someone, often when they need it most
Q:…And what is the worst?
A:When you’re asked to answer 20 questions
Q:What would be your desert island luxury?
A:A solar-powered coffee machine
Q:What do you wish you were good at?
A:Anything remotely creative or artistic
Q:What has been the crowning moment in your life to date?
A:During my time in New Zealand I jumped off the tallest building in the southern hemisphere, completed a 16, 500ft sky dive and a 134m bungee jump. These have to make up the top three.
Q:What is your favourite meal?
A:All of them
Q:What would be your dream job?
A:Food critic
Q:If you could bring something extinct back to life what would it be?
A:The quagga, the South African plains zebra that became extinct in the 19th century. If I did, my girlfriend would love me forever.

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